Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - La Carrera El Paso Zoo


Our rallyists certainly enjoyed the 130-mile round trip venture to the El Paso zoo March 24th.

MG's were the favored mode of transportation, Tom's MGB, Ed's MGB, Elliot & Sharon's MGB, along with Bob & Gretchen's Triumph Spitfire, and Nathan & Kathleen's Morgan Plus 4.

Meeting up with us at the "Food Network" featured restaurant, Kiki's in El Paso were John & Debbie and Lester & Lee (also owners of MG's).  Their great food was served in great portions and this lunch was followed by a tour of the El Paso zoo with the highlight being the exotic and rare birds show in the wildlife amphitheater.

Entertainment was also had to watch Elliot & Sharon getting the top up in their MG in the wind and rain on the trip home. Interesting that this MG's first exposure to rain was in the desert!  Bob & Gretchen showed true sports car spirit continuing with their top down in the rain.

A fun day with no mechanical issues and Elliot learning his MG does like traveling faster than 45 MPH.