Run to Emory Pass

The Run to Emory Pass

On Saturday 17 September, a group-therapy session was held for BMCSNM members. Therapy began at Mayfield High School with Bridgette’s traditional tailgate party including coffee and home-baked goodies. During the drivers’ meeting, the rallyists began leaping with joy when they were told the run would not involve any time-speed- distance. Then the group began to roll off — except for Bob and Jules who had to be push-started — more than once — due to a poor relationship. Be sure to ask Roberto about that troubled relationship between the magneto and battery in the HRG.

After the tailgate party, 13 cars and 25 people drove the back roads to Hatch for breakfast at the Pepper Pot.  Side Story #1 —The Border Patrol Incident.  On the drive to Hatch, Walt and Ed, in a Saturn Jagwire, were a few miles ahead of the group. When the group arrived at the BP checkpoint on Hwy 185, the agent told the RallyMeister that he would have to run a K9 check on the BGT which certainly surprised the RM. But the agent couldn’t keep a straight face and mentioned two guys who came through the checkpoint earlier.  Of course the RallyMeister knew the prime suspect had to be Walter who engineered the setup. But it was Eduardo for cryin’ out loud — sneaky devil! Perhaps Eduardo owes the RM a dark ale at the next Brit meeting for nearly inducing mental trauma at that checkpoint.

After breakfast it was time for the Emory Pass leg — west to Nutt, north through Lake Valley and to Hillsboro, and finally that fun, curvy, uphill leg to Emory Pass.  Side Story

#2 — The Nutt Affair. The RallyMeister suggested that Bridgette leave Hatch a bit early in that Japanese food wagon so she could set up the kitchen at Emory Pass and gave her written and verbal route instructions on how to get there — R at Nutt then L at Hillsboro — piece of cake — a blind Labrador Retriever could do this. Well, Bridgette missed Nutt — yes, unbelievable but true — she claims she was looking at the wild flowers. Now the RallyMeister is certainly not going to suggest that Bridgette may be geographically and directionally challenged but the possibility has crossed his mind.

The group, minus a few folks who had to return to LC when they got to Hillsboro, all made it up to Emory Pass with no mechanical or major psychological issues. Bridgette again had some delicious home-made snacks for everyone.  And of course the view from Emory Pass is beautiful — it was a nice rest stop before heading back down the mountain to the Shattuck Winery in Caballo. Brad, the owner of the winery, had cheese and crackers for everyone and it appears that folks enjoyed the wine tasting. This was the unofficial end of the Emory Pass run as folks purchased bottles of vino and made their way back to Cruces.

Muchas gracias everyone — it was one fun run!

Bridgette and the RallyMeister