2016 Sweetheart Run

February 13th was a beautiful morning as 17 cars of various makes, mostly British, arrived in the parking lot of the Pan Am Center to gather for BMCSNM's annual Sweetheart Run.  As Lynn handed out rally instructions to navigators, I went over the few simple rally rules with the drivers. Each person was given a baggie of Valentines goodies and each lady was giving a rose as we sent cars out at 30-40 second intervals. For approximately one hour, we switched back and forth from east to west, all the while heading south where we rendezvoused at the Great American Land and Cattle Company in Vinton, just over the state line in Texas. 

 During the drive, rallyist were entertained or maybe confused by the 10 multiple choice questions concerning Valentine’s Day trivia.  The 3 teams with the most correct answers each received a box of Valentines chocolates. The restaurant was very accommodating to our rowdy group and the buffet lunch was excellent. We were even provided with "go" boxes which many took advantage of. 

 All in all it was a wonderful rally.  The weather was gorgeous, the food was great, no one got lost and there was only one mechanical issue that prevented the Fields from completing the route and joining us for lunch.

 Lynn and I thank those of you that came out for the run.  We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed staging it and that you will continue to participate in club outings.  And keep in mind, any of you can do this.  The club can always use more driving events so think about it.  It's pretty easy to do and it's fun.


Ron Farthing