7th Annual Morgan Run Morgan, Isn't That a Horse"

November 6 and 7, 2015

Though a bit cold and windy, no rain and sleet like last year, greeted our Las Cruces and Santa Fe and Albuquerque drivers for this year's Morgan Run.

Gretchen and Bob Aultman got a DNS due to some German battery thing. ( Lucas electrics seem to be better, as their poor connections don't drain their batteries. )
Friday's drive to Truth or Consequences included Jules and Bob - Morgan Plus 4, Liz and Mike - Morgan Plus 4 DHC and top down!, Lynn and Ron - TR6 and top down!,
Deborah and Eric -TR5 from Santa Fe, and Kathleen and Nathan - Morgan Plus 4. A delightful supper with special presentations by the Chef, Tatsu, at the Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa
followed the hot soaks taken to undo driver and navigator stresses.

Saturday brought the lone arrival from Las Cruces, Trisha and Tom - MGB GT, and meeting us at the famous Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, NM, from Albuquerque were Veronica and Arnold - TR6 and top down!
( and their emergency Spare - Mazda Miata ), Vilma and Jim - Triumph Spitfire.  John Bishop, also from Albuquerque, had his generator pack it up in route, so a DNF for him.

The Morganites and their traveling companions, The Liars ( see below ) made the tour of the El Camino Real Heritage Museum before driving back to their respective garages.  Fantastic Santa Fe chocolates were shared
at the museum.

Why one would not be driving a Morgan sports car - by our Liars:

Tom Custer
...claimed to have been a Morgan F2 Super Sport owner in his youth with awards from racing and Pebble Beach Concorso.  Alas, his 3 wheeler is encased in ash from Mt. St. Helen.  So today a MGB GT.

Ron Farthing
..."Cigarettes and sports cars," and a previous episode of cigarette ash starting a car on fire.  He figured there would be no escape possible from a burning wooden chassis Morgan. ( Ash again! Do we see
a pattern here? ) So, today a TR 6

Eric Hoover
..."everyone knows a Morgan is a horse."  ...So, traveling from Santa Fe by horse, Eric said it would have taken too many days / weeks.  Plus, carrying hay for his Morgan would limit the number of shoes his wife,
Deborah, could bring. So today a TR 5.

Arnold Cordova
A Morgan sports car on order!  Having to wait a few decades, though, for the wood glue to dry.  So today a TR 6.

Jim Jones
A most confused Triumph owner, stated that if his steed were bolted together like a Morgan instead of being welded, his Spitfire would indeed be a Morgan.

Thanks, to all of the participants for a great weekend of friendship and driving.

Kathleen and Nathan