Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - La Carrera El Paso Zoo


Our rallyists certainly enjoyed the 130-mile round trip venture to the El Paso zoo March 24th.

MG's were the favored mode of transportation, Tom's MGB, Ed's MGB, Elliot & Sharon's MGB, along with Bob & Gretchen's Triumph Spitfire, and Nathan & Kathleen's Morgan Plus 4.

Meeting up with us at the "Food Network" featured restaurant, Kiki's in El Paso were John & Debbie and Lester & Lee (also owners of MG's).  Their great food was served in great portions and this lunch was followed by a tour of the El Paso zoo with the highlight being the exotic and rare birds show in the wildlife amphitheater.

Entertainment was also had to watch Elliot & Sharon getting the top up in their MG in the wind and rain on the trip home. Interesting that this MG's first exposure to rain was in the desert!  Bob & Gretchen showed true sports car spirit continuing with their top down in the rain.

A fun day with no mechanical issues and Elliot learning his MG does like traveling faster than 45 MPH.


Annual Christmas Party 2017

Our annual Christmas Party was held at Ardovino's Crossing in Sunland Park, NM on Sunday, December 10th.  We had 50 club members attend!  What a turnout! We caravanned from Las Cruces to Ardovino's along HWY 28.  The food and company were excellent!  We had a white elephant gift exchange which is always fun!  Ron Saltzman was our MC.  Enjoy viewing the pictures of the event.  

27th Annual Rio Grande Valley Regional Rendezvous - Cloudcroft, NM

September 22nd – 24th was the 27th Annual Rio Grande Valley Rendezvous in Cloudcroft, NM.  We had 15 members participate.  It was a fun weekend!  Friday night was registration and happy hour at the Lodge.  Saturday morning we were up early and off on a rally, car show in the afternoon and dinner later at the lodge.  Sunday morning was the breakfast and awards ceremony where seven of the BMCSNM won awards! 


Tom and Trish Custer won 1st Place in the MGB/MGC/GT category

Nathan Dickerson and Kathleen Cordova won 1st Place in the MG-T/MGA Class in their 1958 MGA Coupe

Ed Townley won 2nd place in the Assorted Class with his Healeymonster

Mike and Liz McCann won 3rd place in the Triumph Class


In the Judge event, the BMCSNM took all three places!

Mike O’Donnell and Julie Miller won 1st Place with their Triumph TR3

John and Debbie Kipp won 2nd Place with their MGC

David and Veronica Bicknell won 3rd in their MGB

Nathan and Kathleen won a snake prop for having a good time while doing so poorly completing the Funkana

Thanks to the Albuquerque BAOA for a great weekend!  They put on a great event!

9th Annual Morgan Run with Friends "Change of Attitude at Change of Latitude"

The annual Morgan Run continues with the goals of driving and seeing interesting places.  This year's Morgan Run was very special as we got a personal tour of the Spaceport America facilities...photo shoots in front of the Spaceport and drives on the runway no less!

Some think English marques are not really built to drive but to have and worry over.  And, surely, our English car owners are never happier than when spending endless hours with spanners and parts manuals under the bonnets of his/her favorite Brit car.

The annual Morgan Run, however, continues to show that the real enjoyment is driving our British cars, even when our cars develop their own attitudes!  The Pattison/Fitzsimmons Morgan made for some grief the morning of this Morgan Run for want of better battery contacts.  The McCann Morgan fell victim to new technology when a cell phone directed its inattentive user to hit its near side wing, thus putting it out of this year's Morgan Run.  The Dickerson/Cordova Morgan decided to let go some additional weight by dropping the hardware supporting its generator, but, fortunately, waited until stopping at home after the Morgan Run for this show of temperament.  Not to be left out, the Clark Spitfire decided to forego its shift lever.  This was repaired "on the fly," ensuring happy attitudes for the Morgan Run.  The Townley Austin Healey petro pump had its own attitude, too, which is still in need of adjustment.

In spite of these few cars wanting their own attention, our 39 participants traveling in 21 cars, 13 of which were English marques, drove the 240 miles to make for another successful Morgan Run,

"A Change of Attitude at Change of Latitude."

Nathan Dickerson

March 18th Saint Patrick's Day Rallye

Thank you Jules for a great Rallye! What a great turnout!

We started out from Mayfield High School with over 12 cars participating!   We were handed directions with 50 questions.  The navigator was pretty busy navigating and looking out for the answers to the questions that were given! We worked our way from the North Valley through the downtown area then off to Mesilla.  We ended up at the Spotted Dog Brewery!  

2017 Sweetheart Run

The Sweetheart Run was held Saturday, February 11th.  We had over 15 cars participate in the run.  Many club members were decked out in red.   Dena and Joe Ewing did a great job decorating their mini!  There were even furry handcuffs hanging from the rear-view mirror! They received extra BritBucks.  

We started at the Pan American Center at 10:30am.  Took a 45 minute scenic drive through Las Cruces and Mesilla Park.  The drive took us to our lunch destination of Pastaggio's Italian Cuisine & Pizza.  While we were eating we took a Valentine's Day quiz.  Three prizes were awarded for the most correct answers.   Third Place went to Larry McMillan and Connie Maxwell,  Second Place David and Veronica Bicknell, and First Place to John and Debbie Kipp.

Thank you Ron and Lynn Farthing for putting together this great event!!

Club's Annual Christmas Party

On Sunday, December 11th we headed  to Ardovino's Desert Crossing in Sunland Park, NM.  We started out in Mesilla and headed south on Hwy 28 for the hour drive.  We had over 15 cars on the drive over!  Some members met us at Ardovino's.  There were about 40 club members in attendance.  The food was excellent!  Service outstanding!   Everyone had a great time!  Ron Saltzman did a great job as the MC for the White Elephant gift exchange.  A few people got some great gifts others we will be sure to see again at next year's White Elephant gift exchange!

Thank you to everyone that help put this event together!