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Nathan Dickerson & Kathleen Cordova 1984 Westfield Lotus Eleven

Nathan Dickerson & Kathleen Cordova

1984 Westfield Lotus Eleven

An article in "Road & Track" by Peter Egan about building up a Westfield Lotus Eleven and driving it across the country
set me on the path to try to buy his car when Mr. Egan put it up for sale.  Alas, Mr. Egan later admitted he was not so
good about answering his mail back 30 years ago when I talked with him at the Santa Fe Concorso in 2010, so my search
In 1985, a listing in "Auto Week" lead me to my car. Flying out to Santa Barbara, California, and being picked up at the airport by David Bean
in a race prepared Lotus Cortina, started me on my adventures with my Westfield.  I had seat belts put in, and I called Kathleen
(my new bride of 3 months) asking her to meet me at the Phoenix airport, and off I went with my new Westfield Lotus Eleven!
Well...only about 50 miles, as I had to stop at a motorcycle shop and buy a helmet as I was getting beat up by bugs hitting my face.
An overnight at Edwards Air Force Base where I got some very drunk airmen to push start me around the parking lot several times (dead battery),
got me going the next morning so thereafter I could experience what vapor lock is all about when I would stop for gas.
Kathleen met me at the Phoenix airport with all the luggage she could bring, another helmet and a change of under clothes, and together we got to
learn what fun Lotus experiences are all about driving at eye level with the jack rabbits. 
Over the past 31 years this car has taken us on rallyes back to Phoenix, and to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Carlsbad, Cloudcroft, El Paso,
and many local drives.  It still vapor locks!